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By September 29, 20172 Comments
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LIFE IS LIKE A CHOCOLATE BOX (We will do all to fit in)
An article by Elizabeth Ewudiwa

From the Simile & Metaphors of Life Series
Episode 4

I am not a psychologist but today I want to reach the deepest part possible into your unconscious mind. Have you ever been to a place where you felt you don’t fit in? I know you have once or more often embraced a box of chocolates. Growing up, every month of December we had this chocolate box which numbered from one to thirty-one. It was like a countdown to Christmas and the New Year, every day you are supposed to open one box, it was always a surprise. I looked forward to this every day and sometimes in desperation I even open two in a day (sorry, I was only anxious). One couldn’t really tell what each day had, the chocolate could be shaped like a Christmas tree, a candy stick, a Santa Claus shoe, an umbrella, a gift box, so many uncountable things, the list is inexhaustible.

You know, life is like this too sometimes. Life is like a box of chocolates and we would do anything to fit in, even if it means belittling ourselves among others, changing our accents or fighting our melanin with some toning cream, changing the colour of our hair, getting into a relationship because of peer pressure, and much more. But aren’t we all just a bunch of MISFITS? No one ever truly totally always fits in. The rich admires the morality of the poor, the poor admires the self-esteem of the rich, the slim wants to be a little fatter, the fat goes on malnutrition she has supposed to be ‘diet’, the dark wants to the light-skinned, the fair wants to be brown or better still called ‘chocolate skinned’. You are not really too ‘young’ or too ‘dumb’ or too ‘poor’, these words are matters of perceptions. So I accepted we are all just a bunch of misfits, not totally contented.

Have you ever been a MISFIT? I have walked into places I felt too young or too small or too unqualified for. I have admired people’s looks and good speech, I have felt not enough before. I felt odd with uniqueness, being different tasted sour, I wanted to be like everyone even though ‘everyone’ is not perfect. Life is just like my chocolate box, full of surprises and different demands. The truth is everyone has a deep inner desire of belongingness, this makes us ‘try’ to fit in.
What if you weren’t born to FIT IN?
What if you were born to be different?
Can’t you see we are all just a bunch of MISFITS, no one has it all and no one needs to have it all? You have some of what someone else needs, appreciate it. I have come to believe it takes an appreciation of our differences to break the ground of mediocrity. No more trying to play the game, what if you were meant to change the game? You are not a LONER, you are just a mustard seed yet to find a good soil to bloom. Rosy lives should have thorns, after all roses have thorns.

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