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I can say the most positive or affirmative word in the English Dictionary is Love????. Very often we quickly attribute negative things to this innocent word whenever we face hurtful things like disappointments????, jealousy????, pain????, heartbreaks????. I will shock you with one truth that forever lives, LOVE IS EVER TRUE TO ITS NATURE.

Love itself is nothing negative. It is not blind, it sees but has the courage to overlook those wrongs, faults and imperfections. Love itself is not weak, it is only strong enough to lose some battles in order to keep a relationship. Love does not fight to win, it fights to keep. This is why it makes sacrifices where it needs to and makes trophies where it needs. Sacrifice itself is a form of victory.
Love itself is not wicked. It is a purely kind tool. Love is like a clean water passing through a filthy funnel. The problem is not the water, the issue is the funnel. So also, love was, is and will never be the problem, humans will always be the issue. For the heart of man is desperately wicked, yes enough to quickly pass the blame like Adam to the next player on the field, Love.
It is rather pertinent that we clean the lens through which we see Love because until then, we’ll be in darkness. It’s like wearing shades in a dark night, what do you want to see if not darkness?
If anything at all, love is not blind, weak or wicked. Love is God so be careful the adjectives you attach to this word because anything you call it, you indirectly call God.
Love freely, openly and intelligently. Even when it hurts you beyond your capacity to heal, do it. Probably it’s only creating a scar of success. To live without love is a suicidal mission. 

-Written by Elizabeth Ewudiwa
(c) 2018 ELIDiARIES Media

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