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Letters to the Media (Ep.5)

She is 35 and on Facebook it is written 25
He is Chidi but on Facebook he says Barack Nelson.
She’s not fair enough
So she makes Celine Dion her profile picture
The media age is different from the actual age
But there’s a meeting place
This moot-point is called SELF ESTEEM
People feel either too old or too young,
Too fat or too slim
They are just too ‘me-like’ so to turn ‘media-like’,
They downsize a huge portion of their breakfast
Divest their lunch
And invest their dinner in a foil paper for tomorrow
Calling it a slimming course.
Let’s get less MEDIA-LIKE
The truth is that we make the media
And we can destroy the erroneous perceptions we have built like a Tower of Babel
Which is only reaching to the height of our ignorance.
Our differences is the strength of us
That’s why we are higher animals
Not because we have stomachs, it’s the shape of our stomach
Not because we have heads, it’s the shape of the head
Not because we have a body, it’s the different shapes of our bodies.

Written by Elizabeth Ewudiwa.

(c) 2018 EliDairies Media

Author, Elizabeth Ewudiwa
Blogger/Poet/Spoken Word Artiste/Entrepreneur/Public Speaker/Business Strategist
Twitter: @Eliz_Diaries

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