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Hat-Trick Series (Ep. 2)

‘What is the difference between job enlargement and job enrichment?’
the teacher asked. The class was quiet about the question and noisy about closure. It was 8:35pm already, 5 minutes beyond closing time. Our bodies might be physically present but mentally, some of us just flew from the window, appeared at home and are currently laying under the warmth of a thick blanket on a cold winter night.

Albert Einstein
Finally, the lecturer went ahead to answer his question but I was upset. I was angry because my answer was exactly how he said it. I thought it but I didn’t raise my hand to say it. Have you ever been asked a question, thought the answer, thought you ‘will be wrong’ or you are shy, refused to speak and then the answer comes and GBAM! … You were RIGHT? 
I hated that moment. Often, I have been scared to get it wrong. That syndrome of carrying pregnancies of ideas and not going to the labour ward, I call it the ERROR OF COMMISSION.
In this series of the Intellectuals (The Hat-trick series), let me send a formal welcome to you, to the world of intellectuals. This is the world of thinkers and doers, painters and paintings, singers and songs. Intellectuals are the products and the means to the product.
According to Wikipedia, an intellectual is a person who engages in critical thinking, research, and reflection about society, proposes solutions for its normative problems, and gains authority as a public figure.
Mark Zuckerberg

Solutions are not solutions till they really solve the problems. The thoughts and ideas are not solutions till they are applied. Have you ever held a pain-killer and by looking or thinking of it you are instantly relieved of pain?  You rub it, you drink it, you swallow it (whatever action is applicable).
We live in a world where more people are guilty of ‘not doing something’ than of ‘doing something’. We can be so afraid of doing something that we do not eventually do it. Call a conference for entrepreneurs and you see that 90% of the best ideas in the world did not first arise from the person who founded it. I strongly believe Mark Zuckerberg was not the first to think of building something like Facebook, many did before him but none tried it like he did.

Mother Theresa

Whatever dream or goal you have, do not be afraid of the error of commission. The world’s system may seem to punish error of commission more than errors of omission but the cost of committing the former is greater.
As an intellectual, your mind is an incubator, ideas are not meant to stay there forever. When you get them, groom them and get into action. No mother delivers a child to be incubated for years, they want their child home with them. Many ideas the world needs today are like babies stayed too long in the incubator -no essence, frustrating and saddening.
Get your baby out NOW! Run with her! 
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Habakkuk 2:2 “Then the Lord answered me and said: Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may runwho reads it

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