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On my Wedding Day????

I heard ladies are relatively more excited about weddings
Than guys,
That may be ‘not applicable’ in my case
I think I am more tensed than excited
Because I will have a lot to do.

I will like to sit by the window of the car painted lavender and navy blue
Looking into the snow, like I wasn’t born in America????
Because I will like to envision the colour of the Accra ‘tro-tro’
To paint the sunflower I received the day I said ‘Yes’, I’ll try

Nothing exotic really,
Just a group of fine people who will need to enjoy local, classic and dance Waltz
“Hosanna” by Koda, Ewe Medley by Joe Mettle, ”Joyful Noise” by Eben.
‘It all comes down to love by Bebe Winnans, The prayer by Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams
The playlist goes better with my special dedication to Mum,
Dolly Paton’s ”Coat of Many Collars”
Don’t ask me how it fits.????

I will be very busy
Because I have to do a duet, sing a solo
And chew a cake
And drink the wine.
I need to be dressed for tennis, right afterwards????
Visit the library, right afterwards
Go the cinema, right afterwards,
Right before, I’ll run into the street
Grab a pen and a paper,
To write my last poem before I take a new name.
Because this wedding is a continuous word, ending with ‘ing’
It continues beyond 24hours.

I’ll be very busy,
Because I’ll have an average of about 29,200 wedding days.
For over 80 years,
I’ll be marrying the same person every day.????

White is the norm,
Well, white it shall be only with little touches of gold.
Dress is the norm,
Well, how about a white suit?????
Don’t go crazy on me yet!

I will like to make it open to the less privileged homes
Order that the lunch be distributed across the streets.
So that, I may celebrate my wedding with people who neither know me nor probably have heard of me.
There is something about the unidentified angels in our lives,
Like Abraham, I’ll serve them.????
They, on the streets, gave me 1000 reasons I must study and be all I can be.

The Wedding doesn’t need a bridal train
Goodness and mercy shall follow me.????
But I’ll need a little bit of makeover????
A pomade of anointing oil, the fragrance of the cinnamon,
Syzygium aromaticum
I’ll sure look stunningly???? beautiful.
And smelling indelibly amazing!

Finally, I will like to do the most outrageous thing.
Go to the MOON????
Sorry, you are not invited there????

(C) 2019 Elizabeth Ewudiwa
Specially dedicated to my good friend and classmate, the soon-to-be bride Ms Marina Boakye
and also to my classmate and friend, Mr Antonio Benjamin, who gets his bride tomorrow.
Congratulations buddies. I wish you 80 more years in marriage, loving and fascinating each other everyday like the wedding day.
“Love like there’s no tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, love again.” – Max Lucado
Happy Married Life!

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