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It’s official! My first intercontinental article got published today as I got featured in The Business Standards in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Most especially, I am super glad that my debut article is on a subject very dear to me – #STUDENT EMPLOYABILITY. As I shared at a university seminar for Central Business Schools two months ago, by 2050, half of the present workforce will require reskilling, according to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Work Report (2020). As the corporate world moves at a faster pace than academia, students are either equipped with outdated competencies or are under-equipped. Hence, academia must adapt to the volatile market trends more quickly.  Research shows that Generation Z (people between 11 – 24 years) is the largest generation in modern history. To add, we are the most challenged with technological disruption, job insecurity, underemployment, unemployment, amongst many other labour market trends.

In this article I wrote in close collaboration with Tamhida Ahmed, an Academic Educator under Harvard Business Review and Lecturer at Primeasia University, we discussed the role of educators, organizations, and students in developing student employability. You need to read this on

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