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By July 25, 20173 Comments
This is the scary fear of excellence

We are not afraid of how bad we might be, we are only afraid of how good we can be. We don’t think we can be ‘that’ good and that’s what stops many people from trying.
When I tell you to mention different kinds of fear I know you’ll skip this. You are so afraid to be excellent because ‘someone like you is not expected to be excellent’.
Accept this fact today, you are extremely good. You are a masterpiece version of yourself and more to it there is even no counterfeit of you. Embrace your beauty, love your uniqueness and you’ll see that you are on way to your purpose. It’s called ‘purpose’ because anything outside of it is an abuse of your talents, frustrating and aimless.

Yes, you failed a couple of times or maybe all the time.
Yes, you have been told in actions and in words ‘you are not good enough’
Well, no one was ever good enough without trying to be good enough.

Don’t let this horrible monster called fear, creep into your heart. You can choose to let yourself down but it will hurt me if you let me down. This is because I BELIEVE IN YOU.

You are far too ‘waterproofed’ to be soaked in fear’s river of Mississippi. Get on swimming to the shore of excellence, I am waiting for you!

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