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Credit: NBC Delft Team
I was not gullible, I was true

I felt understood

I was not vulnerable, I was immune

 Yet he destroyed my hard-earned self-pity award

For once, I just felt understood.

The slings of words he shot into my ears where accurate and precise

They were so on target

Just what I needed.

Have you ever felt understood?

It seems amazing and beautiful no matter how sorrowful the issue.

That moment you become vulnerable to your emotions

Because for once it’s like someone also feels your pains and thinks your thoughts

You just feel understood.

You are not ashamed to cry

Neither are you to smile

Your inner being has melted like an ice before the fire.

Everyone wants to be understood.

When they say ‘no one understands’ tell them you do

Make them feel you are in their shoes

Let them know you are under the stool they sit and you carry their weight with you.

Make someone feel understood today!

Maybe a smile will send the signal, but not always.

Sometimes something more, like a walk, an active ear and a busily pressured cheeks.

May you be understood and may someone understand you.


A poem by Elizabeth Ewudiwa
(c) 2017 EliDiaries

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