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LIFE IS LIKE A BEACH (Don’t get too comfortable at the shore)

By August 17, 2017No Comments
After a well spent time at Elmina Castle, Ka Osa resort proved to be a perfect place for relaxation and fun. It was beautiful watching the tidal waves do a barter trade with the shore. As I squatted on the dazzling shore it occurred to me I was looking at life in a picture.
Even when standing my eyes could not see the end of the great sea of waters. The waves came with such beautiful force, nothing stood in their way. Well, that is life too.
Before the journey begins we stand at the shore and see far into the future. Many people already have their 10-year plan, others already know the kind of job they want in the next 25years. Well, that is very beautiful. Bravo! I should add.
Remember however, you are just like me, standing at the shore and seeing how beautiful the world is. The distance between where you stand and the future you desire is a lot of tides and waves. The wind can blow you into many directions.
Sight is limited at the shore because you cannot fully grasp the width or depth of the great waters. So it is with life too, planning is easy, execution is the real deal. When planning our lives we cannot fully take into account the depths of the pitfalls or the width of obstacles we will face. We learn as we grow. So launch into the waters, the waves are ever prepared to bring you back to the shore but choose to sail on.
Guess what? The farther you travel on the waters, the better view you can get and the deeper your understanding of how wide the horizon is for you to travel.
-Elizabeth Ewudiwa, Central University.

#S&M Episode 1
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