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Letters to the Media Series (An Epilogue)
One day, a lady showed me a picture of her course-mate dressed so inappropriate she said she felt ashamed to even respond to their Facebook chat. I looked and I saw over 200 likes and hundreds of comments. So I wondered, no matter the verbal dexterity I exude in my posts I haven’t gotten near the attention she has.
Then it struck me what the media wanted. The media’s basis of performance appraisal places ‘trade’ on everything we presumably own physiologically. I choose to call it trade because she decided to sell off herself to earn a few more comments and likes.
It’s alarmingly crazy what people do to be ‘Facebook heroes and heroines, Instagram Slay Queens and Kings, Snap Chat Geniuses and Superheroes’. If you don’t teach your children to be self-confident and less dependent on public opinions, the media would do that in a bad way.
Two boys gave themselves a challenge that whoever gets a higher number of followers on Twitter within the next month is the ‘MOST POPULAR’. Could you imagine the prize? Most popular? What does popularity do to a man? Well, the new things these teenagers learnt in quest of satisfying lustful public eyes and getting the ‘hot’, ‘tempting’ comments was outrageous. One learnt how to smoke, another began to sag, tattooed his skin and decorated his once complete body under the assumption of ‘fashion and style demands that????’.
The truth is you can’t fully correct the problem of the media which is both a mental and an optical one, but you can be immune to it and groom your children in that path. This problem of satisfying the media is a mental case because the psychological interpretations are erroneous. It is also an optical case because the eyes everywhere keep watching for lustful satisfaction than for life satisfaction.
I advice parents should help their children imbibe a strong level of self-esteem. She won’t be bothered what her classmate is doing to get more ‘I love this girl’, ‘you look good baby’. She’ll understand beyond the level of her peers that likes and comments don’t define you, in a matter of seconds the feeling will wear-off and reality will be there to catch up. Dress so decently you show the world where beauty lies. Show so much beauty with so little skin, that’s the purpose of clothes.
There is no need to steal to buy good clothes for the media. There is no need to save to buy a new phone for the media when you haven’t paid your school fees. There is no need to do anything to please the MEDIA if it means devaluing and displeasing yourself????. There is just no need for you to get a result of being ‘M+ (MEDIA POSITIVE)’ when I conduct a psychological test???? on your actions and thoughts right now, showing that for you what the media says is RIGHT and is always RIGHT (without contemplation).

Written by Elizabeth Ewudiwa (Central University)
(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved.

This marks the end of the Letters to the Media Series. A special thanks to you for staying through with us. It is my earnest desire you were mentally and intellectually transformed????. 
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Author, Elizabeth Ewudiwa
Blogger/Writer/Spoken Word Artiste/Poet/Business Strategist
Winner, IBC Youth Got Talent 2017
Best Speaker, JAR 1.0
Best Essayist, Vision 2020 Summer Camp Retreat 2012
Member, Ghana Association of Writers
Twitter: @Eliz_Diaries
Instagram: @Eliz_Diaries
LinkedIn: Elizabeth Ewudiwa
Facebook: @elizabethewudiwa

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