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It’s been an amazing year for me. “Amazing” means visiting Harvard University in February on full scholarship and as the only female delegate and African scholar. I was assigned in the GLOBAL MARKETS & ECONOMY track for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR), resided on #Harvard Campus and took up the case study on the Indonesian energy market and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency Sahel region crisis.

“Amazing” means I was in the discussion panel with Head of Policy PayPal, executives from South China Morning Post SCMPThe National Bureau of Asian ResearchUnited Nations, Harvard Law School, and more.

The biggest part of this first episode of my new December Technology & Business sequel which primarily highlights my experiences as a youth in technology & business, is the essence of data.

Nearly every innovation (if not all) is built on data. I have had a year filled with multiple data analytics and legal trainings and daily, I see how much we miss when we do not know how to handle data. My advice to all start-ups and promising stars – know how to use technology to get what you want and know how to be ethical in all you do.

For me, ‘amazing’ means this year, I am more knowledgeable about #technology#law#hr #business. And I still want to learn more!


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